Hornet Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) aircraft review, Hornet light sport aircraft review and pilot report.

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Light Sport Aircraft News (LSA), Light Sport and experimental light sport Hornet aircraft review and pilot report.

Light Sport aircraft news coverage of the Hornet light sport aircraft, including the factory history, the kit, the planes performance and an interview with a builder.
Hornet light sport aircraft history.
Hornet light sort aircraft specifications.
Hornet light sport aircraft construction.
Hornet light sport aircraft power & handling.
Hornet light sport aircraft pilot report.

Rating the Hornet light sport aircraft.

Rating from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best or easiest. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Design - Structure, history, safety, resale value,                  

Quality and construction excellent
Kit - Construction style, complexity, knowledge requirement                  

All of the hard work is done at factory, the customer's work consists of final assembly, covering and painting.
Factory - Years in business, kits produced, kits flying.                


Small company, new ownership,
Manuals - Ease of reading, completeness, drawings and diagrams                  

Excellent Click here to view manuals.
Cockpit - Comfort, noise, visibility,                


Very comfortable, great visibility, lots of room,
Ground handling and suspension - System, complexity, does it work                  

One of the best in the industry with the air bag suspension, steerable nosewheel and brakes.
Flight Controls - Pressure, comfort, effectiveness,                


Light pressures, very comfortable, and effective.
Propulsion Package - Reliability, noise, vibration,                


Rotax reliability, belt drive system and inverted engine mount are the drawbacks.
Performance - Compared to other craft with same weight, power and style of control systems.                


Take off distances, and climb rate is not as good as other craft, probably due to the beefy construction, but once up and flying it is better than most.
Overall Rating                


New ownership, low number of planes built, inverted engine installation and belt drive system are the only reasons for the lower overall rating.
Video - Quality, depth, arrangement Promotional                  


We have not viewed any promotional videos.
Video - Quality, depth, arrangement Assembly                  


We have not viewed any assembly videos.
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